Should all Businesses use Professional Disinfecting Services?

The epidemic of the new coronavirus has changed the world. It made us aware that pathogenic microorganisms exist everywhere around us. People have started to think better about sanitizing and sterilizing the spaces and surfaces where they carry out daily activities and are starting to turn more and more to companies that offer professional disinfection services.

There will always be a risk of infection due to bacteria and viruses but fortunately there are effective solutions to kill these germs.

Up until recently, buildings and surface decontamination was done with the help of spraying substances that were not always effective. Nowadays, there are better methods that guarantee the efficient and safe neutralization of different areas. One of these methods is called nebulization. It is performed with the help of a device that emits a gas (cold fog) that manages to sterilize the air and surfaces.

The main advantage of this revolutionary method is the ability of the gas to propagate slowly, to spread and to reach less accessible places. It does not settle quickly, but persists in the air, thus contributing to the efficient neutralization of germs.

For smaller rooms, where the nebulizer cannot be placed, a mobile device is used instead, which works on the same principle – ULV (Ultra Low Volume). In addition to this method, the objects in the rooms will be disinfected by hand, using special substances. The application of all these substances will be done in an efficient and professional way, by a carefully prepared team of operators.

Covid decontamination services

Turning to a professional Covid decontamination services company is the best solution for any type of client, and businesses should certainly hire such services on a regular basis. The results are fast, and the efficiency is proven in a short time.

A disinfection company has all the knowledge and equipment to achieve efficient sanitation. Therefore, you can count on professional services for a complete disinfection, ensuring a healthy and safe environment for your employees and customers. Professional Covid decontamination service providers have a portfolio of companies and public institutions that have used their services and offer consultancy (operators will travel to the place to be sterilized, in order to assess the situation and measure the level of germs that exist in the air and on surfaces).

The general stages of a disinfection intervention are:

  • Preparing and cleaning the space to be disinfected
  • Measuring the level of germs with the luminometer
  • Disinfection of rooms using the nebulization technique
  • Measurement of germ levels after disinfection
  • Preparation of the sanitation certificate

Operators have thorough training both operationally (in operating devices and preparing substances) and biologically, having a solid knowledge of microorganisms and how they multiply. They strictly follow the rules for the use of protective equipment and biocides. The substances have the necessary approvals, respecting all the norms in force regarding safety – for humans and the environment alike!

The protection and health of employees and customers must be a priority, therefore all businesses should use professional Covid decontamination services on a regular basis, so that the work environment is free from the risk of contact with diseases caused by viruses and bacteria.