Cheap vs. Reliable Denver HVAC Providers – Who Should You Opt for?

Everyone wants to save money when installing a new HVAC system. However, it’s not always a good idea to sacrifice installation quality for a more expensive unit, just like buying the cheapest unit on the market will likely leave you having to pay for expensive repairs within a few months.


If you want to opt for the most reliable Denver HVAC providers, it is essential that you do your homework, and look beyond the price – all while staying as close as possible to the general range of your budget.


Important Red Flags to Look Out for


To find the best Denver HVAC providers it can be much easier when you first have a better idea about what to avoid. For example, knowing that the cheapest contractors are usually not reliable enough will save you from a lot of strife and unnecessary work in researching affordable installation companies.


There is good reason why cheap contractors shouldn’t be relied upon. Usually they have trouble hiring the best workers, so in many cases they will outsource work to technicians of questionable skill and character. Others might do a good job overall, but in the event that a mistake is made, they can’t afford to fix them.


Another rule to abide by is that something that sounds too good to be true always has a catch. Beware of companies that advertise their services as being “outstanding” but can’t back up their claims with evidence of a license, past track record or genuine reviews and testimonials from faithful clients.


Qualities to Look for in a Denver HVAC Provider


Most Denver HVAC providers are reliable and hardworking. However, there are several other aspects you need to stay aware of when hunting for a good offer and a good team of HVAC installation technicians. Here are the major aspects you should be focusing on:


  • Experience is highly essential to even the most expensive system lasting long enough. Without the help of an experienced team of HVAC installation professionals your system will break down in just a few months, and you’ll need to pay a lot more for repairs and maintenance due to the faulty ducts or improperly installed venting system.
  • Don’t assume that just because a company you want to hire has a marginally good reputation they are true professionals. A basic contractor license is worth much less than a specialization license that proves the contractor knows all about HVAC installation.
  • Make sure the company will provide you with adequate post-installation support. Your HVAC is expected to run without any major hitches for at least 10-15 years, but that requires proper maintenance and occasional small repairs geared toward prolonging your unit’s life. Make sure the contractor has a valid plan in place for ensuring this level of support.
  • Finally, a reputation for fast and dependable support, friendly service and good turnaround times is essential. Make sure you read all the online reviews and complaints about the contractors you want to hire, and that you are comfortable with what you see.


As you will see, most local providers will display all these qualities in full. You can rest assured that, as long as you avoid companies that visibly show some of the issues that we have evaluated as red flags above, you should be fine in deciding upon most of the other Denver companies you come across.